Prices are based on hanging carcass weight(HCW). Carcass weight is the weight of the beef once the hide, head, hoofs and organs have been removed. The Kosher Carcass (front of the beef from the 12th rib forward) varies between 350 - 400 lbs. on average. The cost for the whole front of the beef is $8.50 per pound HCW. A 400 lb carcass would cost $3,400.00 ($8.50 x 400 = $3,400.00) A 350 lb carcass would cost $2,975.00 ($8.50 x 350 = $2,975.00) The net yield varies from animal to animal, usually 60% - 70% depending on how lean or fatty the cattle are. Grass fed Angus Cattle tend to be more leaner so you end up with more beef than other breeds of cattle.

Since the weight of the cattle vary, we caculate and require a 50% deposit based on a 350 lb carcass weight. For example, a whole beef with a hanging weight of 385 lbs would require a deposit of $1,400.00 (350 x $8.50 = $2,975.00 x .5 = $1,487.50). The balance due is calculated on the actual hanging weight at the time of harvesting and due upon completion. Based on this example, the actual weight of the carcass is 385 lbs. x $8.50 per pound = $3,272.50. Deduct your deposit of $1,487.50 and your balance due upon completion is $1,785.00.

All orders for WHOLE or HALF beef can be custom cut to your specifications. Steak and roast thicknss are cut the way you want them. All meat is vacuum packaged and labeled, one steak per bag, one roast per bag, Ground beef is packaged in 1 lb packages, so you only take out of the freezer what you need.